The Indian Premier League is on the way, along which side do you stand

The IPL has begun and 21 matches have already been played and within these 21 matches we have already seen a lot of entertainment from last ball finishes to nail biting super overs. Along with the top notch performances we have also seen some amazing new talent coming up and not just from India but also the overseas players. The points table also looks pretty competitive at the present moment with the defending champions leading the table with 8 points and also to the surprise of every IPL fan we are also seeing one of the biggest teams the Chennai Super Kings struggling at the moment but have still managed to grab a spot at the 5th place on the points table.

With so much happening it is hard to resist the live IPL action and if you are somehow missing this action you can easily use the various apps out there to know the exact live actions from the matches and live updates every minute. So much is happening with every match, from sixes where the ball has left the stadium to catches where the fielders have been seeing flying and picking some stunning catches. Only 21 matches and the hype has been pretty much skyrocketing and this only proves that the dream 11 IPL has delivered what it has promised, some incredible cricketing action along with some nail biting entertainment. Even though IPL is being played away from home the performances have not let the fans down. You can even follow your favourite IPL teams by using their app and supporting them through a completely connected platform. Also meet like minded people who have the same amount of love for the game as you do and converse with them, discuss strategies and make some great friends in the long run.

This IPL has given us so many different things to focus at, it is not only about the players but the weather conditions and the pitch as well as the ground conditions and a great analysis we all might have come up with is regarding the dew that has caused a lot of issue during the evening matches and the bowler have seen with the ball slipping of their hands and also breaks being taken during the matches as the bowler is required to dry the ball as well as his hands to avoid a wrong delivery. Many such factors have come into play during this IPL and it has only increased the buzz and the excitement more.

Get to know about the remaining matches and see when your favourite team plays your worst rival and fix your dates. Check the IPL schedule 2020 now, know when are favourite matches going to be played. The IPL has already given us so much action and it is hard to predict what to expect next but whatever it is, it will be top notch and the best we can find.