Reviews on few of the Best Hitting Nets of All time

Before you go and purchase the best lacrosse backstop net for yourself, here are few reviews of the top most hitting nets of all time. So that people can get an idea from it and can choose their hitting nets according to it.

  • Pitcher’s Pocket 9 Hole Net:

For all the baseball players out there who are looking for a hitting net, this one is that perfect for you. It is a travel size hitting net; one can easily carry it around with themselves and is portable and flexible as well. This net can be used while playing individual and while playing in a team as well; its size is enough to hold it up for team use.

Assembling this hitting net is really easy, in fact it comes fully assembled, and one just has to insert its legs and it is done. It is made up of good quality and it can easily handle hard and high velocity throwing, not a big deal for it. It comes with 9 pockets, which are really helpful and it makes our throw more accurate as well.

It costs around $250 and people have given this hitting net 5 out of 5 stars and have written some really great reviews about it as well.

  • Bownet Big Mouth:

This hitting net is currently rated as number 1 and it is known as one of the best hitting net for all purposes. It comes in two sizes; 7 x7 and 8 x 8, they both cost different and you can choose the one which suits you perfectly.

The smaller size costs around $150 and the bigger one costs around $200, they are affordable if we compare them to other hitting nets which are available in the market.

It is versatile and is safe to use it as well, and the best thing about it is that it is portable and can be carried easily in a car or something. This hitting net helps the player with the accuracy as it has 9 pockets included in the net. Setting up this net is really easy, it hardly takes 2 minutes for this net to set up and same for folding it back. Separate accessories are also available but one needs to pay extra for it.

People have given 4.5 out of 5 stars to this hitting net and they have written some really great reviews about it as well.

So, if you are planning to own a hitting net of your own so here are two of the best hitting nets which are easily available in the market. One should definitely consider any one of these. For more details on hitting nets visit: